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Mar. 1st, 2008

  • 9:58 PM
Robbie Carrico

Hair today, gone tomorrow (you know we had to recycle an old Sanjaya joke for the "American Idol" contestant with the second-most-controversial locks). The 26-year-old from Melbourne, Florida, had a lot of people talking during his short run on "Idol" — but, unfortunately for him, no one was discussing his version of Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" during the boys' performance night. First, he was known only as Britney Spears' ex. Then, TMZ asserted that Carrico's Kurt Cobain-wannabe hair was a wig. (Of course, Robbie's bandmate told MTV News that the long locks were the real deal.) But we had to talk to the man himself to get the truth about Brit and "Wig Gate '08" — oh, and his singing.

Q: The Web has been going nuts about your hair. Any response to that?

A: I have been growing this hair for a very long time, and I think it's ridiculous that they have to come up with something like that.

Q: So no wigs?

A: No! [He laughs.]

Q: Another thing fans are buzzing about is your past relationship with Britney Spears. Has she reached out to you since you've been on the show?

A: I haven't spoken to her in many years.

Q: So you guys haven't stayed in touch?

A: Honestly, it was a long time ago, and we were friends on tour. That was pretty much the gist of it. It wasn't really that big of a deal. We went on a couple of dates, but that was pretty much it.

Q: When you guys were together, did you notice any bizarre behavior that hinted at some of her recent drama?

A: No, not at all. She was always a real down-to-earth girl. She's incredible. She's a really good girl. A lot of people are saying stuff about her, and I kind of wish everyone would leave her alone, just let her be, and I wish her the best here in the future. I think everything will work out fine.

Q: Do you have any advice for her?

A: Didn't she just release an album?

Q: Yeah.

A: I thought so. I think so far, that one's doing pretty good. I congratulate her on that and I wish her the best of luck with everything, and just tell her: "Don't listen to everybody else." [He laughs.]

Q: One of your biggest hurdles on the show was convincing the judges you were a real rocker. How did you react to that criticism?

A: I've spent the past six years working my tail off in grungy bars and pulling our own trailer with our equipment, loading it in and out, living out of a van sometimes — doing all the grunt work that they said they didn't see me doing. And because of what I did before with pop music — that was a job to me. If you ever turned my CD player on while I was out on the road, you'd be hearing rock the whole time. This is me — you get what you see.


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